'Shop Contest: Black Friday, Winners!

After a weekend away, I’m back and ready to judge the entries from last week’s guest contest. Last week, Peter asked you all to make some silly images featuring all those TVs that go on sale on Black Friday.

Our winning image this week was created by BobTheRock, who wins nothing because he is banned for life. Sad. But anyway, moving on.


I took a weekend off, got some rest, played some games and had a great time. Then I saw what won last week’s contest. I leave for ONE weekend and Sonic not only returns, again but wins the whole thing. I will never take another vacation again. (But seriously, thanks for covering Peter and running the contest while I was away!)

You can check out the original post to see all the entries, but here are some of my favorites.


Cecil_Banon also wins nothing, because they are banned for life. Sorry. (Not really.)


ConManEd picks up the award for “Crossover Of The Decade.”


RogueIndy receives a warning. Keep that bastard out of ‘Shop Contests.


Shinfo13 gets the award for “Best Target Ad.”


Yoda’s Neglected Brother gets the award for “MY BRAND!”


And finally, Epictacosam wins the award for “Weirdest Kingdom Hearts Moment That Might Have Happened Because I’ve Never Played The Games So IDK...”

That’s it for this week’s contest! If your creation didn’t win, don’t worry! There’s always tomorrow when I’ll be back with a new ‘Shop Contest.

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