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GameStop's 2015 Black Friday Deals Have Leaked, Of Course

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While the most exciting deal of GameStop’s 2015 Black Friday sale is letting employee’s take all of Thanksgiving off, $299 PlayStation 4 and Xbox One bundles, $80 used PS3 and Xbox 360 systems and the best possible Wii U bundle aren’t too shabby either.

As a former GameStop employee the idea that stores aren’t opening until Friday morning at 5 AM (last year it was midnight) is glorious. The employees get some rest, the customers still get to stand out in the cold—everybody wins.


Of course folks win more if they score one of this year’s bigger deals, but flipping through the circular I’m not seeing anything too amazing.

$299 console bundles are great, but everyone will have those. There are some pretty great game deals, so there’s that.


Well there’s that, which is basically everything you need for your Wii U. I’m amazed they got both of those games pre-loaded on one hard drive. If you’ve ever considered buying a Wii U, this would be the one.

Been in a GameStop lately and gotten a hard-sell on collectibles? There are tons of them in this year’s ad. Great prices on Skylandcers figures too, but those GameStop-exclusive Pop! Vinyls for $1.00 more than the rest of the line retails for you can probably skip.

No, this is the year of the pre-owned systems. First off, there’s a buy two, get one free sale on any used items all weekend long. Then there’s this:


Three used PlayStation 3 consoles for $160. Three Nintendo 3DS handhelds for $$160. Forget the 360, that looks like the 4GB version (the 320 GB used is only $119.99 anyway). But the rest? Everybody gets a 3DS or PS3!


I probably won’t make it out to GameStop on Black Friday. Nothing in the ad really calls out to me. I do need a new PlayStation 4, but I’m going to hold out for something pretty.

Hit up the folks at BFADS to check out the full 12 page flyer and start planning your attack.


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