A Statement From the Gawker Media Editorial Staff


Our union drive has expressed at every stage of the process that one of our core goals is to protect the editorial independence of Gawker Media sites from the influence of business-side concerns. Today’s unprecedented breach of the firewall, in which business executives deleted an editorial post over the objections of… » 7/17/15 6:03pm 7/17/15 6:03pm

You Got Another, oh, 39 Hours to Play Xbox Live

Just a reminder that come Monday, Live goes dead for 24 hours » 9/27/08 12:00pm 9/27/08 12:00pm. Meantime Microsoft is larding up the weekend with a bunch of Play & Win sweepstakes. We've already mentioned the GTA IV Live Weekend, but there's also a raft of prizes being offered for and — and, — if you go put some T-Mobile advertisement on your…