Hi Kotaku. I'm Working The Weekend Shift!

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Good morning! My name is Kevin Wong, and I’ll be editing Kotaku this weekend.

I’ve been a longtime reader and fan of Gawker Media since 2005. So I’m hoping this goes well; I can hardly believe that they tossed me the keys.


I’m an AP English teacher in NYC, and I started freelancing again in 2013, after an eight-year hiatus. I’ve been published in VIBE, Complex, Salon, PopMatters, Joystiq, WhatCulture, Racialicious, and other publications.

I’ve written several articles for Kotaku as well. My most popular article, which got some praise from our Asian American readers, was this one:

This one is about video games that exceed their board game originals:

I like to write about old stuff that made an impact on people, and how that relates to the new stuff that’s coming out now. Some of the things on my mind these days include Disney films, Peanuts comics, and Star Trek television. If you like those things too, stay tuned this weekend — we’ll get along just fine.

You can email me at kevinjameswong@gmail.com and follow me on Twitter @kevinjameswong. Alright, I’m going to get back to work. I hope you enjoy your stay.


(Wu-Tang is for the children. Puffy’s good. But Wu-Tang is the best.)



Ooooooooooooooh a board game enthusiast?

I’m looking for 1- 4 player coop that takes about 1 hour or less and isn’t pandemic.