Walmart Readies Kinect Bundles

While we still await official word on the pricing on Microsoft's Kinect, Walmart has started selling preorder bundles for the camera controller, packing in a game of your choice and a $30 gift card for $199.

Microsoft hasn't come right out and said it, but seeing as everyone, including Microsoft, is listing the price at around $150, that seems like the right price.


Walmart's Kinect bundle, now available for preorder, backs up the price as well. You get the $150 Kinect, your choice of a $60 launch game (I'm torn between Kinectimals, Dance Central, and hitting myself in the head with a hammer), and a $30 eGift card, which is just like a gift card, only it has more 'e' in it.

It's not a bad little deal, and the pricing seems to jibe with everything else we've seen. Once I figure out whether I am investing in Kinect or not, perhaps this is the route I will take. I could always use $30 worth of random Walmart money.

Note the deal is only going until July 23, so I might need to make up my mind rather quickly.


Walmart Kinect Bundle Preorder []

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