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Walmart Readies Kinect Bundles

Illustration for article titled Walmart Readies Kinect Bundles

While we still await official word on the pricing on Microsoft's Kinect, Walmart has started selling preorder bundles for the camera controller, packing in a game of your choice and a $30 gift card for $199.


Microsoft hasn't come right out and said it, but seeing as everyone, including Microsoft, is listing the price at around $150, that seems like the right price.


Walmart's Kinect bundle, now available for preorder, backs up the price as well. You get the $150 Kinect, your choice of a $60 launch game (I'm torn between Kinectimals, Dance Central, and hitting myself in the head with a hammer), and a $30 eGift card, which is just like a gift card, only it has more 'e' in it.

It's not a bad little deal, and the pricing seems to jibe with everything else we've seen. Once I figure out whether I am investing in Kinect or not, perhaps this is the route I will take. I could always use $30 worth of random Walmart money.

Note the deal is only going until July 23, so I might need to make up my mind rather quickly.

Walmart Kinect Bundle Preorder []

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$299.99 for the 360 S, plus $149.99 for Kinect PLUS $59.99 for one of the games? With applicable tax here that comes out to...$540.57.

Compared to the PS3's Move (with 2 full controllers, 1 game, camera and system) costing...$540.56 (includes tax).

Or you can just go with a Wii with everything (4 full controllers, 2 games) for about...$434.53 (including tax).

Did I mention gaming was an expensive hobby?