Hi Kotaku! I'm Your Guest Editor For Today.

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Good morning! My name is Kevin Wong, and I’ll be editing Kotaku today.

The last time I did this was a year ago, and I’m excited to be doing it again. Usually, I’m an AP English Language teacher. But a few days ago, I wrapped up my school year, and that gives me more time to do fun stuff like this. Teachers love summers even more than students. And contrary to popular belief, the administration doesn’t stick us in the broom closet until September.


You might know me from my takedown of Snoopy:

Or my subsequent, even better received takedown of Elmo:

I’m not going to be roasting any other childhood icons today, but I will be posting later today about Hitman and The Last of Us. There can never be too many editorials about The Last of Us.

You can email me at kevinjameswong@gmail.com and follow me on Twitter @kevinjameswong. Alright, I’m going to get back to work and try to post something at least once every hour. I hope you enjoy your stay.


Sweet Mary, this is stressful.

Kevin is an English teacher and freelance writer from Queens, NY. You can email him at kevinjameswong@gmail.com, and follow him on Twitter.