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Seems like we've been about two things lately: zombies, and nudity. Well here's more. The makers of the popular Zombies!!! board game have announced that a video game version is under development for release on Steam, PSN and XBLA sometime in 2009. Twilight Creations, the game's maker, has reached a deal with Big Rooster to create the game. I went looking back through our coverage to see if we'd reported on this, and found at least one commenter who hoped way back in 2007 this would come to XBLA. DJ Christ 2006, your prayers are answered. Zombies!!! is a tile-based board game in which the object is to escape the growing zombie menace. The board is tile based and lends itself to expansion packs, making the game infinitely customizable and, also, increasing sales of the game and game-related stuff. Twilight Creations says the base set has sold more than 125,000 copies worldwide since it was released in 2001, and more than 300,000 units of Zombies!!!-related stuff altogether. "Later releases may include the Nintendo DS and Wii systems," the news release says. Maybe they're shooting for the moon, but who knows. The full release is on the jump.

Zombies!!! to Become Video Game The immensely popular Zombies!!!® Board Game is set to hit the video game world in 2009. Twilight Creations, Inc., the publishers of the game, has reached an agreement with Big Rooster, LLC, an entertainment software company, to develop the Zombies!!! board game into a video game property. Initially the game will be developed for the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 and the Steam online game distribution website according to Timothy Gerritsen, Executive Director of Big Rooster. Later releases may include the Nintendo DS and Wii systems. “Zombies!!! is a perfect game for the Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation 3 Network,” said Mr. Gerritsen. “We were surprised that no one had seen the huge potential in the Zombies!!! property.” Originally released in 2001, Zombies!!! has been a consistent seller and is considered one of the core products in the hobby-game industry. The base set has sold over 125,000 copies worldwide. It has also spawned many expansions and spin-offs. Combined, Zombies!!! products have sold in excess of 300,000 units. In Zombies!!! players race around the board trying to find a way to escape the ever-growing zombie horde. The game is simple to play and extremely addictive according to its fans. The tile based board and the many expansions work to keep the game fresh and new each time you play it. “We are tremendously excited,” said Twilight Creations’ President Todd Breitenstein adding, “This is a great opportunity for both of our companies. Zombies!!! is a great property and we really can’t wait to share it with a much broader audience.” Twilight Creations, Inc., founded in 2002, is a Kentucky board game publisher based in the city of Cold Spring. In addition to the Zombies!!! line, Twilight Creations also publishes many successful lines such as the Haunting House series and ZombieTown. Big Rooster, LLC is a videogame development company based in Madison Wisconsin and was founded in 2006 by a group of videogame industry veterans. Big Rooster develops games for the PC and for latest generation game systems, such as Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.


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