And if you’re really feeling adventurous you can even do it while in mid air pulling out your shield to surf (if you don’t happen to have the paraglider yet or aren’t some place where you can get high up).


The only thing to be cognizant of is that the items will drop to the ground. Do it while you’re too high up and it might be hard to go find where they fell on the ground. And if you’re doing it with bombs or other fragile items they will break/blow up. “Before someone tries that a warning: that doesn’t work great with bomb flowers, I just blew myself up with like 20 bombs!” wrote one player on the subreddit.

So far none of the item glitches players have discovered so far have been patched out of the game by Nintendo, but that might not last for long. The Breath of the Wild sequel received its first small post-launch update last week, and will likely get another one soon. So get gliding.