You Can't Play Titanfall On PS4--But You Can Watch It

Well, that's one way to put Titanfall on the PS4, I guess.

The channel Epic Reset Gaming (YouTube, Twitch) got the idea to share Titanfall with PlayStation 4 gamers through, once again, the magic of The Playroom, ostensibly an augmented reality game using your living room as the play space. Most folks who stream their sessions of Playroom do anything but play The Playroom, preferring instead to use the camera to broadcast something from their homes. In this case, Epic Reset has pointed the camera at an Xbox One a PC playing Titanfall.


You can watch it here, via UStream.

The stream has between 100-120 viewers and is on the first page of feeds in the Live from PlayStation section on the PS4 dashboard. For those wondering, Live From PlayStation can't tune in to anything on Twitch or UStream that isn't being streamed from a PS4.

But to be perfectly clear, Titanfall ain't never coming to PS4; Electronic Arts has said it is a Microsoft exclusive "for the life of the title," though "the title" means this game, and not necessarily a sequel, which is all but assured.


[h/t Edo]

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