Don't Expect Titanfall 2 To Be A Microsoft Exclusive

Titanfall is a Microsoft exclusive. Like, a proper one, in that it won't ever be coming to the PlayStation. That's news for gamers, but until recently it was also news to one of the guys...running the company making the game.


Respawn boss Vince Zampella has posted on Twitter that while Titanfall was always going to be a Microsoft (ie Windows and Xbox) exclusive at launch, it's only very recently that publishers EA signed on to make that deal a permanent one.

Even more interesting is this reply when a fan asks about future Respawn games.


Now, he could be talking about anything, but let's get real. This game looks awesome, it'll sell well, it'll get a sequel.

Remember Mass Effect? And how confusing and annoying that "exclusive" deal was, when a former Microsoft-exclusive series went multiplatform and had to make up for a missing first game with motion comics?


Looks like it's about to happen all over again. Only this time the choices you make in said comic will be SHOOT DUDE? SHOOT MORE DUDES? SHOOT DUDES INSIDE GIANT MECH?

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