You Can Claim PlayStation Plus' Monthly PS5 Games Before You Get A PS5

maquette on ps5 ps plus game of the month
You don’t need a PS5 to score a “free” copy of Graceful Decay’s stunning Maquette this month.
Screenshot: Graceful Decay / Annapurna Interactive

PS Plus continues to offer “free” games to subscribers, and, in recent months, has even started offering PlayStation 5 games. If you don’t have a still-impossible-to-find PS5, you’re not quite S.O.L.. You just have to claim those games through a web browser.


For $10 a month (or $60 a year), PS Plus allows members to play online games. Beyond that, subscribers receive monthly games at no extra cost. (These games are only “free” if you remain signed up. Stop paying your dues, and you’ll lose access.) The offerings aren’t always worth writing home about, but every now and then, PS Plus will put up some true gems. Recent months have allowed players to add the likes of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Greedfall, and Fall Guys to their PS4 libraries.

Since the PS5 launched in November, Sony has made PS5 games available to members of PS Plus too. First up was Bugsnax, the wacky puzzle-adventure game featuring edible insects. In February, the derby game Destruction AllStars—initially slated as a PS5 launch title with a $70 price tag—was made available, where you can still claim it through April 6. (After then, you’ll be able to buy it for $20.) This month, the wonderful Maquette, a recursive puzzle game about love and heartbreak, is available on PS5.

The easiest way to nab these titles is through the PS5 itself, as the console’s dashboard has a baked-in PS Plus portal. Just click a few buttons, and the game you want will pop into your digital library. In the event you don’t have a PS5 on which you can actually do that, you can claim your games through a browser.

  1. First, go to Sony’s landing page for monthly PS Plus games.
  2. Click “find out more” for the game you want, which will take you to its store page.
  3. If you’re signed into the store with the same PlayStation account that’s signed up for PS Plus, the price tag should be stricken out. Instead of a “Buy” button, you should instead see an “Add to Library” icon. Click on that.

When you finally get your hands on a PS5, you’ll see all of your claimed games in the console’s game library.

There’s a small wrinkle with cross-gen games, though. For instance, Maquette is available on PS4 and PS5 (and, yes, PC). If you grab it via PS Plus, you’ll only get the PS5 version. To play it on PS4, you’ll need to buy a copy. When Kotaku tested this workaround with Maquette, the game didn’t show up in our PS4 library, but we were able to download it on a PS5.


A PS5-exclusive game, like Destruction AllStars, won’t be playable at all on your PS4, but you knew that already.

It might be a while until you can actually get your hands on a PS5. With this workaround, at least you’ll be able to hit the ground running with a handful of killer games.


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Or just download the PlayStation app that is actually quite great and claim them on there. It’s fast, clean, and efficient. Just go to the PS+ tab and all the games are there just waiting for you to tap them to be added to your library.

And the whole process can be done in less than 20 seconds on the app. It’s actually impressive I added all the games before I could even add the first one on PS4 as navigating the store on that is slow.

The app also allows you to send your downloads straight to your console, which is super handy with everything linked. The messenger aspect of the app is also great and instant speed, no loading like on the console. Actually the app just lets people by-pass all the sluggish aspects of the console and just focus on what matters, the gaming.