Xbox One Kinect Can Be Used For Motion Capture In Your Living Room

Project Spark, the games-creation toolkit for Xbox One and PC, drew a lot of attention at E3 for a deep feature set. That includes all kinds of motion capture, using the Kinect 2.0 sensor. You can mo-cap in your own living room.


Team Dakota, Project Spark's makers, told a Gamescom audience today that full-body motion capture, facial motion capture, and audio capture with some editing and modulation options, will all be available when Project Spark's beta begins at the end of October for Windows 8 and in January for Xbox One.

The trailer above shows some of the things Project Spark has been used to create so far.

gamescom: Project Spark Unveils Personalized Voice and Motion Capture [Xbox Wire]



Pretty cool, going to get this for PC most likely. Just wondering, I've got an xbox 360 kinect. does it work on PC as well?