Project Spark, Microsoft's video game about making video games, is coming out on October 8th. The company said in a press release that it will be available for the Xbox One and Windows 8.1 computers. Learn more about the game here. » 7/08/14 1:16pm 7/08/14 1:16pm

The Least-Hyped Xbox One Game Has The Most Potential

Someone already made a Star Fox for the Xbox One. Someone made a Flappy Bird. Someone recreated the first area of the first Fable. And, yes, a whole bunch of people have re-made Super Mario Bros. 1-1. » 3/05/14 10:30am 3/05/14 10:30am

Project Spark goes into beta today and a select group of folks can start using their Xbox Ones to make games. The creation suite has already been in beta on PC for Windows 8.1 users, letting do things like recreate Minecraft inside Project Spark. If you're already in the Windows beta, you'll also get access on XB1.… » 3/04/14 10:20am 3/04/14 10:20am

Someone Made Minecraft In Project Spark (Complete With Cow!)

So we've seen plenty of other games recreated within Minecraft, but now we've finally come full circle, and Minecraft has been recreated in Project Spark. How long until they get redstone functioning and create a working computer? » 1/29/14 4:15pm 1/29/14 4:15pm

​The Game That Lets You Create for Xbox One Is Now In Open Beta

Project Spark—a game creation suite that lets players make platformers, RPGs and much more—might be Microsoft's secret weapon for the Xbox One. Today, you can sign up to be among the first to try it out as long as you're using Windows 8.1. » 12/03/13 9:42am 12/03/13 9:42am

What's Next For the Xbox One

Microsoft considered delaying some Xbox One launch games and even holding Halo 4 for their new console before committing to last week's unusually diverse and rich day-one Xbox One line-up, the company's head of game development told Kotaku. And now Microsoft is planning to give early adopters a lot more to… » 11/25/13 12:45pm 11/25/13 12:45pm

Xbox One Kinect Can Be Used For Motion Capture In Your Living Room

Project Spark, the games-creation toolkit for Xbox One and PC, drew a lot of attention at E3 for a deep feature set. That includes all kinds of motion capture, using the Kinect 2.0 sensor. You can mo-cap in your own living room. » 8/20/13 5:45pm 8/20/13 5:45pm

Find Out All About Microsoft's Project Spark Game-Maker Right Here

I've been intrigued by Project Spark, a build-your-own-game app for Microsoft platforms (Windows 8, Xbox 360 and Xbox One), since Jason first told me about it. Today, we'll learn a bit more. » 8/08/13 7:35pm 8/08/13 7:35pm

Xbox One's Awful DRM Drowned Out Some Really Cool Games

If you were in Los Angeles last week, and you happened to stumble into a bar or a restaurant, and you saw a group of people in business-casual attire and/or flannel, you probably overheard something like "Wow, Sony sure won E3." » 6/18/13 1:30pm 6/18/13 1:30pm

Project Spark Lets You Create Virtual Worlds on Xbox One

Today at Microsoft's E3 press conference, the company showed off its game creation tools called Project Spark. Here, have a look. » 6/10/13 3:50pm 6/10/13 3:50pm