Microsoft Kills Project Spark

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Project Spark is no more. Microsoft announced Friday afternoon—prime news-burying hour!—that their online game creator is no longer for sale as of today. Online services will end in August.

“For existing users of Project Spark, online services will be unavailable after 8/12/16,” community manager Thomas Gratz wrote on their website. “Without services, players will no longer be able to download user-generated content or upload their own creations. If you want to access user-generated content offline, you will need to download this content prior to 8/12/16. Be sure to download your favorite community creations and your own uploads if they are not saved locally.”

This news comes several months after Microsoft announced that they would no longer release DLC for Spark. It also comes in the wake of Microsoft shutting down Lionhead and killing their other “game as service,” Fable Legends.


Anyone who bought a retail copy of Project Spark will get a credit added to their Microsoft account, the company said.

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As an Xbox One owner, allow me to say:

It sucks to be an Xbox One owner.