Project Spark goes into beta today and a select group of folks can start using their Xbox Ones to make games. The creation suite has already been in beta on PC for Windows 8.1 users, letting do things like recreate Minecraft inside Project Spark. If you're already in the Windows beta, you'll also get access on XB1. You can sign up for it here.



I got a PC beta key some time ago. But then I saw the Win 8 requirement and thought nahhhh fuck it.

And before the "have you even tried Win 8" crowd chimes in. Yes I have and I thought it was one of the worst OS's I have ever used. If you have a tablet or a touchscreen it works (sort of, it's still overly convoluted and many once easily accessible options are now hidden). If you don't then it doesn't work. They did some great stuff performance wise but then encased it an that shitfest of an experience.

I present to you my Beta key

Not sure if it still works, got the e-mail several months ago.