Microsoft has revealed the game and add-on discounts coming your way as part of the Xbox Live Deal of the Week program, and odds are you might find something worth spending points on.

Heading up the deals for this month is Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, on sale next week for half of its 1600 Microsoft point price. That's 800 points for the math challenged, or $10 in real-world money. If you've yet to experience the PA-flavored role-playing game, $10 is pretty much a steal.


The rest of the month is filled with add-on values. The week of April 13th brings the Advanced Warfighter 2 Co-Op Collection for 320 points, followed by the Spyglass Hill Golf Course add-on for Tiger Woods 09 for 400 points during the week of the 20th. Finally, the month ends with the NBA Live 365 Subscription add-on for 30 percent off, or 560 Microsoft points.

Well at least April's deals start off somewhat exciting, right?

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