World of Warcraft Gets Its Atari 2600 Port

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Earlier this year, Blizzard once again impressed us with its ability to churn out a handful of April Fool's Day news pranks that were not only hilarious, but were uncharacteristically delivered on time. One of those was the announcement of World of Warcraft: The Molten Core, the first WoW release for a console, the Atari 2600. The game is a fabrication no longer — someone's made it. While maybe not up to the spec laid out by Blizz and apparently not playable on a proper Atari 2600 emulator as some other recent demakes were, The Molten Core is playable and visually more authentic than previous attempts to make this joke serious. The Windows-only download is a mere 2MB and, according to its author, offers about 20 minutes of gameplay. I've yet to walk to the Windows box to try it out myself, so downloaders beware. The Molten Core [Gamer's University via Something Awful Forums]


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is this the preview pic of the next expansion? it looks like they might have improved their graphics a little...