Work from Home, Earn Cash

To: Ash
From: Owen
Re: Poker, The Redemption


So the realboss at the realjob is in Hawaii all week which means, woohoo, work-from-home with impunity! Oh shit, do they have the Internets in Hawaii? Did they stretch ethernet across the Pacific? Oh dammit!. Hi Steve. I hope you are having fun, sir. I will be productive all week, I promise, sir. Seriously, work's a 15-minute bike ride away. And plus I'll be going that way to grab some Okami sushi for lunch.


Anyway, here some highlights from the weekend report.

Kids Won't Listen? Sic BOB on 'Em
Academics vs. 'Gaming' Academics: Let the Snark Begin
If Nintendo Made Halo 3
The Tactile Side of Games
Gametrailers Blows It with PS3/360 Footage
Two More Gears 2 Videos Out

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Luke Plunkett

Hey, I work from home and earn cash!