Women Responsible for Company of Heroes' Developer Death Sentenced

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The two women responsible for the tragic death last year of Company of Heroes developer Brian Wood have been sentenced to prison, The Herald reports.


Jordyn Weichert and Samantha Bowling, both from Oak Harbor, Washington, were both steering the vehicle that collided with Wood's car last September, killing the developer and injuring his pregnant wife. Two friends of the girls responsible were also killed.


Samantha Bowling was sentenced to five years prison on three counts of vehicular homicide, while Weichert, who was driving at the time, was sentenced to eight years.

Both women were charged because of the nature of the crash; Weichert was apparently removing her sweater at the time, with Bowling holding the wheel while she did so. As the car veered out of control, Weichert grabbed the wheel while Bowling still had her hands on it, resulting in the car careening across traffic and colliding with Wood's vehicle.

Brian's wife Erin gave birth to a daughter earlier this year.

Illustration for article titled Women Responsible for emCompany of Heroes/em Developer Death Sentenced

Two sentenced for car crash that killed 3 [The Herald]

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Definitely too long. There's no need to destroy two more lives in the quest for "justice". It's also results-oriented. What if a cop saw the same thing happening, but there had been no crash? I'm sure it happens all the time (granted, this seems particularly stupid, but I'm sure it happens plenty). You would need to dole out a penalty almost as harsh to anybody caught changing a sweater while driving. Why should these two women, who got ridiculously unlucky while doing it, have to suffer more than all the other morons doing it and putting us in danger?

This is also why you don't talk to cops. If the women would have kept their mouths shut about the cause of the accident they would quite possibly be free and clear right now. "I don't remember what happened" or "I don't know", and if you're arrested wait for a lawyer.