Company Of Heroes Developer Killed In Car Accident

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Brian R. Wood, lead designer of Company of Heroes Online and a key player in the development of the series as a whole, was tragically killed on Friday night in an automobile accident north of Seattle.


Wood was behind the wheel of his Subaru Outback, with his wife Erin a passenger, when they were struck head-on by a Chevy Blazer driven by 21 year-old Jordyn B. Weichert. Two passengers in Weichert's car were killed, while it's alleged that the young driver was also under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident.

The Washington State Patrol say Weichert could be charged with vehicular homicide and vehicular assault once she is released from hospital, while another passenger in her car, 22 year-old Samantha R. Bowling, may also be charged with vehicular homicide.


Wood was 33. His wife, six months pregnant, is "hospitalized but in improving condition".

Our thoughts go out to Wood's family and everyone at Relic Entertainment.

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PsychoNun (Is actually a dude)

Terrible devastating news.

I said it once and say it again. WOMEN DONT BELONG BEHIND A WHEEL.

No joke, every time I find myself close to crash its always a lady driver who is changing lanes like playing burnout or that stops in the midle of the street suddenly.

And dont come with : "Maybe you are terrible driver", I have 0 crashes and just 1 parking lot ticket, that cop was a douchebag.