Heroic Company Of Heroes Dev Lives On In His Daughter

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In September Company of Heroes Online lead designer Brian Wood was killed in a car crash. His pregnant wife Erin survived. NBC's Today talks with the widow about how she's keeping Brian's memory alive for her newborn daughter.


Brian Wood lost his life in September of 2010, but through his actions a new life was preserved. Following the accident that took his life, the gaming community rallied behind his wife Erin, donating funds to help ease the grief of losing her husband with a new baby on the way.

Revisiting the story, NBC's Today featured Erin and her two-month-old child Sierra Grace Wood, exploring how Brian's memory will be preserved. It's a touching end to a tragic tale.


She's an exceptionally strong woman and obviously will make a great mother.


I don't want to sound like some kind of party crasher downplaying this tragedy by pointing this out, but am I the only one really bothered by the fact that the NBC story fails entirely to mention that he developed games? Or is it just not kosher to portray anything video game-related in a positive light on American television?