Teeny Cartridge | Look how tiny the Vita's Memory Stick is. Soooooo tiny that Action Figure Edgar Allan Poe wants to use it to write creepy poetry on.

Donate Some Cash to Help Classic Arcade Titles Enter Video Game Valhalla

Those of us that remember them still miss the arcade emporiums of yore, even is they reeked of cigarette smoke and too much body odor in too small a space. More »


Here's How to Get Your 3D Videos Off Your 3DS and Onto YouTube

So, you've got a 3DS and quickly availed yourself of its relatively new stereoscopic video recording capabilities. The work you've filmed with Nintendo's little gaming handheld will melt faces. More »


Is Portal 2 Kotaku's Game of the Year?

What Valve did this year seemed impossible: they improved on the perfection that was the first Portal. That feat was accomplished, surprisingly, by making everything about players' return to Aperture Science less perfect. More »


Skyrim is Filled with Memorable Characters, Like That One Guy

In today's memorable edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Eatplaysleepmore thinks he's found a major character flaw in Bethesda's latest masterpiece. More »


Let's Play Through the Entire Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Vita Demo

Even the mainstays of a Playstation platform, games like Hot Shots Golf, sing on the PS Vita.
Sure, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational feels like it sort of tacked on the touch and motion controls, but the core gameplay of this golf game remains as fun as any of the titles in the franchise. More »


VVVVVV Spells Victory for the Final Nintendo Download of 2011

The Nintendo Download ends the year on a high note with the release of Terry Cavanagh 's indie darling VVVVVV on the 3DS eShop, adding a 3D twist to the game's already twisted gravity platforming. More »


Let's Play Through The PS Vita's Entire Escape Plan Demo

The Playstation Vita's Escape Plan is a charming, clever side-scrolling puzzle game sure to win over the hearts of anyone considering a Vita purchase.
In the game you need to maneuver Laarg and Lil through a labyrinthine series of puzzle and trap-laden rooms. More »


The Dragon Age Anime Looks at Least as Entertaining as Dragon Age II

The full trailer for the Dragon Age anime we spoke about earlier this month has been making the rounds. it's 106 seconds easily as enjoyable as any 106 seconds I spent trudging through BioWare's sloppy sequel. More »


Finish the Year Strong Talking About the Skyward Sword Finale with the Kotaku Game Club!

Welcome back to the Kotaku Game Club. Today we're wrapping up our discussion series on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and 2011. Since we've all (hopefully) completed the game, let's talk about the game's final dungeons and the ending.

Since we'll be discussing the entire game today, including... More »

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Lets Play With the Vita's ModNation Racers: Road Trip

Among the games loaded up on the Playstation Vita Sony lent us last week there was one game I had very little interest checking out. Once I did, I couldn't stop tinkering.
ModNation Racers: More »


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