Lets Play With the Vita's ModNation Racers: Road Trip

Among the games loaded up on the Playstation Vita Sony lent us last week there was one game I had very little interest checking out. Once I did, I couldn't stop tinkering.


ModNation Racers: Road Trip is the portable, very malleable take on ModNation Racers. On its surface it is a kart racer that has you turbo charging your way around a mix of tracks, using weapons and hopping your way to sharp turns and close finishes. But dig a little deeper into the game and you'll discover the ability to create your own cars, your own racers and your own tracks.

What makes this particular take on the game is that you'll be doing all of those things with your fingertips. That means fiddling with placement, sizing, and tiny points of your design is much easier than it would be if you were using a controller.

The end result are races that's just as fun to design as they are to compete in.


I remember when I got ModNation.

People were going on about how ball-shatteringly hard it was because of the rubberbanding AI. I was expecting the game to kick the difficulty up to Wizpig's "If you touch a wall you might as well reset" levels of bullshit, but it never got anywhere near that point.

I completed all of the challenges and beat the game without too many real problems. I think the biggest pain in the ass was the "Hit an opponent with a Crusher on the Modobahn" challenge.

Now then, I've read about some of the new weapons and ideas being implemented in Road Trip, and I really hope that they announce an MNR2 for the PS3 somewhere down the line. A lot of it sounds really awesome, and it may finally get me to finish making my collection of karts.