Finish the Year Strong Talking About the Skyward Sword Finale with the Kotaku Game Club!

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Welcome back to the Kotaku Game Club. Today we're wrapping up our discussion series on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and 2011. Since we've all (hopefully) completed the game, let's talk about the game's final dungeons and the ending.

Since we'll be discussing the entire game today, including the ending. Players who haven't finished the game yet and want to stay spoiler free should come back when they're done.


Stumbled onto the page for the first time? Let me give you a rundown: The Kotaku Game Club plays one video game every month, and meets weekly to discuss their thoughts on the game as a group, looking at it piece by piece as we play. In the past I've tried to emphasize the idea that you'll get more out of Game Club by keeping pace with our discussions.

Since it's our last week with this game, and the year, I don't think you guys need a jump-off. Talk about the ending. Give your final thoughts. Based on the past three weeks, I can tell that some of you have been holding back for today's discussion.


That's it! This is our final meeting for Skyward Sword! As usual, we'll discuss the options for what game to play next month, and let you guys know ASAP. I had a blast talking games with you this past year and I'm looking forward to playing even more with you guys in 2012!

Happy New Year!

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Skyward Sword was a really great game that could have been better if the flaws that it had did not weight down a lot.

The main exploration area is 3/4 empty, and the flying takes a while to do, a shortcut to the beams of light or an auto-pilot would have improved it.

Some of the puzzles are too easy late in the game, this should not be since you are in the endgame. Then again this is a fault that every other 3D Zelda has. Last dungeon excepted of course, since it was pretty awesome.

A lot of notices when you start the game, catch a bug? Notice, Rupee? Notice, etc. Every single time. It wasn't that annoying in OoT because it wasn't always like this, same with MM.

However the characters were good, (Groose spin-off where?), the story was awesome and the use of the recycled areas did not bother me.

All in all it's up there with OoT, fighting the 2nd spot with it on my favorite Zelda. Nothing has beaten Majora's Mask yet.

Also, true men defeat Demise's 2nd phase without using a Skyward Strike.