To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: Web Sensical No Kotaku at work? Wow, that sucks. Big night of news. Spent the day blogging and listening to the new Verve album "Forth". The album is so-so, but better than singer Richard Ashcroft's last solo effort. There's one track on the album, "Valium Skies", which I've listened to so much that I've pretty much driven it into the ground. Seem to do that a lot! Especially when I'm working โ€” like listen to only one song. Last week it was listening to that Brian Eno/John Cale song "Spinning Away". Before that Ike and Tina Turner's "Working Together"... What you missed last night Tecmo Rejects Square Enix's Takeover Offer Tecmo And Koei In Talks To Merge David Jaffe On Sarah Palin Rumor: New Batch of Halo 3 Achievements Coming Castle Crashers Title Update Is Coming, It's Coming Spore Cracked And Torrented, Already