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Well, The 3DS Is Looking Powerful

While we've got a few months left before we can really put the new Nintendo 3DS through its paces, Capcom has shown the Japanese press some early examples of how it's a surprisingly powerful little system.

Using the Resident Evil: Revelations demo from E3, Capcom points out that the 3DS is capable of - at least, it is running Capcom's MT framework engine tech - graphical tricks like depth of field, self-shadowing, normal mapping and HDR lighting. In these screenshots, you can see the demo running "raw", on the left, and on the right, using a visual effect.


For a system whose main appeal is 3D, I'm finding myself increasingly impressed by its more "traditional" horsepower than something which may well turn into a gimmick for the handheld.

西川善司の3Dゲームファンのための「ロスト プラネット 2」グラフィックス講座(後編)「MT FRAMEWORK」のDirectX 11対応とニンテンドー3DS対応、そして今後のロードマップをチェック![GameWatch, via Siliconera]


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