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Watch the debut trailer for Resident Evil: Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS, and in doing so you'll see the same footage the press were treated to during the new handheld's unveiling last week.

There's not much to go on, sadly, as a cinematic trailer with bad lighting is as poor a guide as to how the game will look as we can get, but solace is to be found in the fact Capcom say this is indeed a real game, and not a tech demo like so many other "titles" on show last week.


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I'm getting a little annoyed by all these people who keep saying that the 3DS has much better visuals than the PSP. And the only thing that they have to go on is a bunch on tech demos, and CG trailers for upcoming games.

Most of the games shown look no better than lower res Gamecube games. This trailer is all CG, not actual gameplay.

Probably the only vid I saw that showed extensive gameplay for an original 3DS game was Kid Icarus: Uprising. While the vid was impressive, did it really look any better than a PSP game?

Look at Final Fantasy Crisis Core or God of War as a benchmark of how well a portable game can look. Also, that Metal Gear vid that they showed looked no better than the PS2 version, which the PSP did well with the Metal Gear Portable games. Same visuals.

Other titles that were shown were just remakes of N64 games which the original NDS already did well. Starfox and Ocarina of Time won't push the visuals as far as the Metal Gear or (maybe) this Resident Evil game.

Plus, how much better can the graphics be when the resolution only goes up to 400 x 240? That's pretty low-res in anybody's book. You can make the games look sharp by optimizing for that resolution, but you're not going to get Xbox360 or PS3 quality levels.

For those of you who believe that the 3DS will have significantly better visuals than the PSP, you better take 2 doses of reality.