Weekend Talk Amongst Yourselves: The Revenge

So, it's pretty clear that my two month TAY-less experiment was something of a dud. It takes a big man to admit when he's wrong and, of course, I do weigh more than 200 pounds.

An explanation for why we went without TAY: In May opened the sports thread, Box Scores, on Saturdays, and changed Originals to The Week in Review to stoke further comment there. I stripped out TAY, intending for its on-topic discussion to be folded into Week in Review. I simply didn't want there to be so many open threads on the weekend that everyone accused me of mailing it in.


Unfortunately, when you round up a week and lead it with the most important story, people tend to take that as a sign they should comment on that only. So we're bringing back a full-service TAY to start your Sundays. It replaces the off-topic post.

And you may Talk Amongst Yourselves at any time, by simply using the comment bar on the front page and hashtagging your remark #tay, or by visiting the official TAY tagpage here.

This is, I hope, the end of these unexpected programming changes. Thanks for your patience.

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