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Good morning. It's Sunday. I'm here to ask you, how is your relationship with your fellow commenter. If you were to die right now, would you feel secure that the everlasting soul of your comments will find their eternal reward? Maybe it's time you had a talk, amongst yourselves.


Once againKyosen is your big winner of the TAYpics derby.

It's early and we always get a lot of new TAYpic submissions at the first of the month, but don't let that deter you. Submit your images to #TAYpics. If you need more instruction, check out this thread for details on how you can be a TAY superstar.

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I finally managed to finish Samurai Champloo last night, I didn't watch the ending when it first aired on Adult Swim. But oh man it was such a good ending and what an amazing song that was played at the end, I can't stop playing it.

I also got to finally see the new Thundercats, and wow it is even better than I expected it to be. I felt like crying a bit for the fact that every time they decide to revive one of my favorite shows as I kid it turns out to be complete crap, but nope finally a good show!

Everyone looks younger and thinner though, expect Mumm-Ra who looks exactly the same, and perhaps a little more creepier. Oh and Lion-o's father having the same voice actor as the original Lion-o was a nice touch.