To: Luke? Bash? Crecente? Oh, God — Fahey? From: Owen I have no idea to whom I am handing off this shift. Half of Kotaku is posting from the future, thanks to TGS. The rest, well, we're making it up as we go along. We really could use some advice. Me in particular. Not about the editorial stuff, I mean personal things. Some might remember two weeks ago that I threw down a grand on the CEO's desk to take a 47-inch flat panel TV and a 20GB PS3 off my company's hands. Well, he came back on Friday and said they need $1,250. Bear in mind, this is a startup, I love my job, everyone's friends with everyone else, and considering subprime lenders are going belly up before they can foreclose on debtors living in refrigerator boxes under an overpass, I'd rather not jeopardize my job security there. But, real negotiation begins at the counter-offer, I always say. First, the highlights: Super Big Let's TGS Round-Up This Is What Those Guys Were Watching 'Next-Gen Audio Square-Off': PS3 versus 360 Invade Stormwind? You and What Arm— oh, That One Cosplay Alley: The Other Side Of The Lens Hands On With Diablo III: Everything Old Is New Again Street Fighter IV Booth Punches The Competition In The Face Gaffer's Gears 2 Leak Pics Include Free (sur)prizeOK, so, the TV is an Olevia. I forget what the specs are exactly but when I looked into this I couldn't find one less than $1,200. The PS3, CEO says they paid a grand for that (hey, just repeating what I was told) because there were none to be had when we started up and they needed one for a sweepstakes. So it has been sitting in that box for at least two years. Funny thing, though, original price got nothing to do with current value. If it did, Dear Marvel, here is 10 cents, please send me my copy of X-Men #1. I'm gonna put this to the wisdom of the crowd: Below is a poll: What counter offer should I make? And, as a suck-up to my day job employers, you can vote using your mobile, too. Text KOTAKU1 to 44566 (my company's short code) and you can vote that way. Whatever the leading answer is by the time I go into work tomorrow is what I'll say. Remember, they are probably gonna read all this shit, so keep it clean.