Two things move a game. You either gotta have it, or the price is right. And if you're reading coupons, it's probably not to find the must-buys. So let's go for a stroll:

• These things go on sale so often you should never spend full price. Amazon is offering the wireless adapter for the Xbox 360 at $76.99, which is $23 off. [Amazon]

• Racing devotees who like the Logitech Driving Force GT can grab the wheel - literally - for $40 off, plus another $20 coming back on a rebate, making its effective cost $89.99. It lists for $159.99, usually. [Amazon]


• If you prefer a standard DualShock controller for your racing games - or others, then Amazon's flipping those for $17 less, at $42.99 Their wireless Xbox controller is $12 off. [Amazon]



• Target is running a sale on its Xbox 360 stock. For regularly priced games, you can buy one and get the second for half off. They're also offering gift cards with select hardware purchases: $50 for a Pro or Elite console; $10 for a wireless controller (either color), and $5 if you get the 1,600 Microsoft points card.

• GameStop is doing a straight-up 2 for 1, but for used games, naturally. That offer only lasts through the end of Sunday, so run right out and grab up MVP Baseball 2005 and Gun.

• Halo Wars is $41.99 on Amazon, if you're into that. [Amazon]


• Steam's weekend sale gives you all of the Brothers in Arms games at half off. Earned in Blood and Road to Hill 30 are $4.99; Hell's Highway is $14.99. [Steam]

• GamersGate is still running its promo with Red Faction: Guerrilla - buying it gets you Red Faction 1 and 2 for free. Other game specials include Civilization 3 and Iron Man for half off. If you have a Mac, all titles by Penumbra are 75 percent off. [GamersGate]

• Guess who else is doing that Red Faction thing? Pretty much everyone. Impulse is offering the same preorder bonus package. Other specials include World of Goo for $9.99, Braid for $9.95, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix for $9.99 (half off). [Impulse]


As always, smart gamers can find values any day of the week, so if you've run across a deal, share it with us in the comments.