We Live In A Society That Loves To Kickflip

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Hello! This week Waluigi runs very fast, we talk about all the war crimes Yoda committed, we watch a weird live-action trailer for Super Monkey Ball HD, we learn that Luigi’s Mansion is nearly 20 years old and we discover The Joker can skate.


Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

A great review, but boy did I not need to be reminded that the original Luigi’s Mansion is almost 20 years old. That’s not right.

Waluigi was later fined for doping.


I love that Twitch is slowly becoming Justin.TV again.


I need to get back to Fallout 76. Yes, it’s not great, but I want to be there when the working-class free players take down the rich premium players.



I’m more a fan of Arthur Fleck’s Pro Joker 3, personally.


Yoda was telling the truth when he said: “Wars not make one great.” He knew from personal experience. The dude was a war criminal hiding in a swamp.



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Trailers And Videos You May Have Missed

I love trailers like this. Just sit down and tell me a bunch of information about your game. (I also can’t wait to play this.)

Keep it weird, Sega!

A fantastic game that got overlooked when it came out years ago as a digital title for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Say what you want about Fortnite, at least they have a cool Halloween event.

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Craig Maloof

We also live in a society where Private Equity firms buy properties they don’t understand, try to silence the writers from having opinions, run it into the ground to the point that an entire site’s writers quit, and are all around HERBS.


How’s it going Zack?