To: Bash
From: Owen
Re: Drinkin' Time

I'm not sure what has me in a fouler mood; the fact the cat pissed right next to the goddamn $125 looks-like-a-potted-plant cat crap hut; N.C. State lost 17-8 and trailed 9-0 in the first inning, playing for its first College World Series appearance since its only visit in 1968; or the fact I duped two posts this weekend. Also the cat is feigning a limp. Yes, feigning. Because she wants me to go to the vet and spend $140 so she can come home and eat placebos and, I dunno, get a kickback from the doctor or something.


While I wasn't busy sulking, we got these stories out that may be of interest to you. Now I am off to drink Early Times.

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