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Iceland. It's where all the cool kids go to have a summit. Reagan and Gorbachev rapped about nukes there in 1985; 20 years later, the Supreme Metal Council condemned the overuse of the devil horns hand-signal. And now something billing itself as EVE Online's democratically elected government will meet there, probably because it's too far for Something Awful to show up and grief the shit out of it.


The Council of Stellar Management - which sounds like something from Dilbert - was formed by EVE developer CCP back in March, and now the two bodies will meet to discuss issues both real- and virtual-world pertaining to the game. The CSM's nine delegates and five alternates serve six month terms and were elected back in March. Developer CCP is based in Reykjavik (holy shit I spelled that correctly the first time).

They rep a gamer community approaching 250,000, according to CCP which bills the stellar managers as "the first democratically-elected governing body in a virtual world."


"The CSM will empower players with a formal communications channel to directly impact the development of their society as it grows more and more advanced," a release says.

This looks more like community outreach than actual lawmaking in an online world. That said, I really hope most of these delegates roleplay it for all it's worth, like the Galactic Senate in Star Wars or something. And if you play EVE and you've gotten scammed or fallen for the old can bait trick and you're pissed, write your delegate!

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