Watch Me Dissect Swag While Being Repeatedly Rick Rolled

The folks at Electronic Arts are putting a lot of time into developing fun, sin-themed marketing for their upcoming release of Dante's Inferno.

Watch the extended cut of me playing around with the box sent me by said marketeers as I try to avoid using the hammer they sent me as part of their wrath-themed giveaway.

Let's just hope that the development team is putting as much work into the game as the PR team is putting into the swag. Fingers crossed.

Ps. This video is 16 minutes long!

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5th Circle of Hell is The Wrathful. You were supposed to destroy it, and the rick roll was supposed to annoy you to the point of doing so.

Still, I probably would have taken off the bottom and disabled the sound.

6th circle is The River Styx, Heretics and the City of Dis. Are they going to send you a bottle of dirty water? #dantesinferno