Want Star Trek Online Beta Access? Play Champions

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Star Trek fans might want to consider becoming Champions Online fans as well, with Cryptic offering guaranteed Star Trek Online closed beta access to players who purchase long-term subscriptions to the superhero MMO.

Fight aliens in Champions Online, and you can be an alien in Star Trek Online, but Cryptic wants a commitment. Gamers who purchase either a six-month or lifetime membership to Champions Online, priced at $59.99 and $199.99 respectively, will be guaranteed access to the Star Trek Online closed beta, whenever that might occur. Those who opt for the lifetime sub will also get a Star Trek Online Mirror Universe costume set, which may or may not come with a removable goatee.

"Beyond the deep discount on the subscription rates, we wanted to come up with added incentives and exclusives that, as gamers, we could get excited about," said Jack Emmert, Cryptic Studios' Chief Operating Officer. "With an early commitment to Champions Online, granting guaranteed early access to our next big game, Star Trek Online, seemed like a great way to engage Cryptic's biggest fans in other projects at the studio."


Seems a little iffy to me. For some it's a great value; for others, it's paying $60 for closed beta access. As a big Star Trek fan...I'd probably consider it.

STO Beta Access [Star Trek Online]

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Why would i pay 200$ for a lifetime subscription to one MMO just to get into the beta for another MMO that's coming out probably a year or less afterward. That's flushing money down the drain imo.