Visceral Games Tells Facebook Users To Go To Hell

Illustration for article titled Visceral Games Tells Facebook Users To Go To Hell

Visceral Games has unleashed hell on Facebook, with a new Dante's Inferno-themed app that lets you condemn your friends to eternal damnation.

Not only can you send your friends to one of the nine circles of hell in the Facebook Go To Hell app, you can also vote to punish or absolve them, or simply torment them with lovely activities like beast massage or succubus castration. Oh those kids these days, with their succubus castration.

"This app is awesome! Not only will it be a blast to see who the world sends to hell, but it's also a great opportunity to take Dante's notion of the 9 circles of hell and make it current and relevant for people who may not be familiar with the poem," said executive producer Jonathan Knight. "Let the damning begin."


Now in the interest of fair play and science or something, I went ahead and sent Crecente to hell. I am not saying you should click on this link and go torment him, but I am certainly not going to stand in your way.

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lol, it cant retrieve anything from my account

i'm unnable to send to hell my friends, xD

i have a couple of friend satan could get quite aquiented with, xD