Vesperia Bonus is Soundtrack: Volume 2

If you bought Tales of Vesperia's special edition and saved your secret code for eight whole freaking months, now you may finally have your "special bonus." It is slightly above "underwhelming," but not exactly "whelming."

Namco's put up the redemption site where you can claim the prize. It appears to be volume 2 of the "Tales 10th Anniversary Special Edition Music CD." That tiny-ass .jpg is all we have to go on.


The site only says it is "a limited run Tales 10th Anniversary Special Edition music CD. This CD includes music from a variety of Tales titles and will surly be a great addition to any fans music collection!" That applies to the Volume 1 which was included in the original special edition. So, no word on how many tracks are in this one. Enjoy!

Tales 10th Anniversary [Namco Bandai, thanks Legendary Armor]
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