Illustration for article titled Valve Ponies Up Cash For Oz Visit, Childs Play Gets Paid

Valve big cheese Gabe Newell is taking a trip down under to visit a lucky Left 4 Dead modder named Joe W-A, the enterprising fan who raised over $3,000 to get some face time with the man.


That you may already know. But Newell's not taking the ticket. Instead, Valve will be footing the bill for Gabe and Erik Johnson to travel to Australia, with the donations offered by the gaming community instead going to Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity. That's $3,121.27 USD in stuff for hospitalized kids! Who else feels warm and fuzzy?


Well, you shouldn't. Because there's no way that Gabe would be flying economy. And you can't book a business class flight on Qantas for under $8,000. Oh alright, you can feel warm and fuzzy now. I'm just being cynical.

Wonder if Joe W-A should get his resume in order...

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