Valve Considers Resubmitting Left 4 Dead 2 for Australian Classification

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You may remember that, nearly four years ago, Australia's classification board refused to classify Left 4 Dead 2, effectively banning it from sale in the country. At the time, Australia's ratings system for video games topped out at MA15+, which basically means suitable for teenagers. Valve released a highly sanitized version of the game just for Australia, disappointing many and calling attention to the country's insufficient ratings policies.

Well, in the three-plus years since, Australia has gotten its act together. On Jan. 1, a new R18+ rating went into effect (Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge was the first to claim it.) Fans down under are wondering if Valve is keen to revisit the subject with a fully unedited Left 4 Dead 2. Writing on Valve's official forums, Chet Faliszek says yes.


"We have been exploring the options here and what we can legally do," he said.
"We will have more information on this when we understand the issues fully and how we are moving forward."

The game was submitted and refused, the decision was appealed, and the appeal was denied. It sounds like Valve isn't yet certain if Left 4 Dead 2 is eligible for a re-review under a new rating, or if an old decision is final no matter what.

Still, any expense of resubmitting Left 4 Dead 2 for classification "doesn't worry us," he added. "This is something we want to do."


Valve investigating R18+ options for Left 4 Dead 2 in Australia [GameSpot]

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It's funny because I don't really consider L4D2 an overly violent game.

In T rated games like COD, you shoot and kill living human beings. Their crimes usually involve being in the wrong army at the wrong time.

In L4D2 you "kill" Zombies. Hordes's of moving dead flesh. Gory? Yes. Violent? Well... I guess that would depend on your definition of violence. Is cutting up a cadaver an inherrently violent act?

I'm pretty many who would be morally opposed to killing a soldier would have no problem taking down a Zombie if necessary.

So... in conclusion, I sure hope that L4D2 gets certification. It's a great fun game.