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Unlockable Celebs Will Return to NBA Jam

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When it hits the Wii, NBA Jam will pack more than 100 unlockables - including playable celebrities, this time with their permission. "If you've thought about it, chances are we have too and it's going in," says a developer.

Speaking to IGN, NBA Jam's creative director Trey Smith said the team has been in talks with VIPs since the first week of development, and still trying to nail down at least one deal. The original NBA Jam didn't bother with such niceties, instead sticking in President Clinton, George Clinton and, somewhat inexplicably, Warren Moon, without their permission. Obviously, these are different times, and EA Sports wouldn't even try that.


"I think everybody's going to be very satisfied - at the very least - at who we're bringing in, and I think there are going to be a couple of 'oh my gosh, I can't believe they got …" Smith said.

But the unlockables don't stop at famous names. Of course Big Head Mode is back, and it will be available to players immediately after completing the tutorial, for those who want to jump right in and super-size Kevin Garnett's cranium.


"I hope you'll see that a lot of care has been put into keeping the old school [stuff] in this game, and we all know how important those cheats were," Smith told IGN. That probably means Juice Mode. Super Clean Floors too? Who can tell.

Smith also told IGN that right now the team is "just focused on the Wii," but held out the possibility that the came could come to the other two consoles. "Fingers crossed," he said.

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