Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC Dated and Priced

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The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC package announced last week has been dated and priced for the Xbox 360 and PS3. It arrives Nov. 5 on both consoles in North America, and on Nov. 12 for the PS3 in Europe.


The package will deliver five new characters - one of whom is Black Panther, it was just announced. He joins Cable, Psylocke, Carnage and a player to be named later.


You also get more boosts and simulator missions. In Xbox Live currency, it'll set you back 800 points. On PSN, it's $9.99. Additionally, Juggernaut will be available separately on the same dates (for both services). He's 160 points and $1.99, respectively.

DLC Date and Pricing Announced [Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Forums]

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I still think they should've given us more of the characters they assholishly made exclusive to the Wii and PS2 versions, like Sentry and She Hulk. Carnage sucks, and he has no reason to be in this game.

Got nothin' against Cable, Black Panther or Psylocke though. #marvelultimatealliance2