Good news, everyone! Ubisoft says it's "constantly working to evolve and improve" its new "online services platform" for gamers. Awesome! What's this "online services platform"? Why, it's Orwellian b.s. for "DRM."

In other words, despite the utter fiasco its PC copy-protection scheme has been so far, that sucker is here to stay, so get used to playing their games with an always-on Internet connection. Which, even if you have it, still depends on their DRM servers - oops, online services platform - being up and running, as it actually was not during the rollout of Assassin's Creed II.

"Most forthcoming Ubisoft PC titles will use our online services platform," a spokesperson told Eurogamer. "As with any online technology, we are constantly working to evolve and improve it."

Awright! Bitchin'! PC gamers, you can probably look forward to some free DLC for Splinter Cell Conviction, Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands and Ghost Recon Future Soldier when pirates inevitably attack the DRM servers during those releases, too.


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