Ubisoft's New DRM System Falls Down, Locks Out Paying Customers

Hey, Ubisoft: when you force users to maintain an internet connection even when playing a singleplayer game offline, you'd damn well better make sure you hold up your end of the bargain.

Having recently implemented a wildly unpopular new form of digital rights management for its PC titles, over the last few days Ubisoft released two key games for the platform, Assassin's Creed II and Silent Hunter V.


Thing is, over the weekend, Ubisoft's DRM servers went down. And at time of posting are still down. Meaning many users had trouble installing games, saving games and in some cases even playing those two titles.

In reaction to a thread on the company's forums, Ubisoft community managers have said "clearly the extended downtime and lengthy login issues are unacceptable", and that the downtime is due to "exceptional demand".

As a means of rewarding those remaining customers loyal enough to stick with the publisher despite the outrageous demands of the DRM, it's...hardly what you'd call a success. Especially when it only affects paying customers, with pirates bypassing the DRM enjoying the games all weekend long.


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