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Ubisoft Insists Latest Game, [INSERT NAME], Isn’t Political [Update]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Today, Ubisoft showed off some new gameplay from the upcoming [INSERT GENRE] game [INSERT NAME]. The footage shows that the game’s setting and story seem to be politically charged and potentially filled with commentary about [INSERT CURRENT EVENT]. However, as usual, Ubisoft has been quick to explain that, no, this game is not, in fact, political. You are all just mistaken, once again.


In a video today showcasing [INSERT GAME NAME], we saw a conflict-torn region and characters talking about politically charged events. The parallels to real-world issues seemed clear, and to most observers watching the trailers and gameplay, it would seem obvious that [INSERT GAME] is political. But in an interview with [INSERT OUTLET], Ubisoft made it clear that wasn’t the case.

[INSERT UBISOFT QUOTE HERE. Maybe it’s the one where they say “our game doesn’t want to make a political statement.”]


This isn’t the first time Ubisoft has had to clear up these kinds of misconceptions. Previously, [INSERT EARLIER UBISOFT GAME] also seemed political, but the developers were quick to stress that [INSERT QUOTE, like the one that says “the goal isn’t to make a political statement.”]

Additionally, [INSERT MORE RECENT UBISOFT GAME] also seemed political, but a developer explained that [INSERT QUOTE, maybe the one about “we’re not trying to make political statements in our games.”]

Ubisoft is aware that it struggles with politics, but it continues to make clearly political games and then deny any connections to real-world politics or desire to comment on same. As usual, fans and critics are [INSERT ONLINE REACTIONS IN WHICH EVERYONE POINTS OUT THE OBVIOUS].

Whether refusing to own a game’s politics is a way to avoid alienating fans and losing out on potential sales, or whether these unfortunate mixups just keep happening for no readily apparent reason, surely this is the last time Ubisoft will have to explain all this stuff. Or, well, try to explain it.



Update May 31: Far Cry 6’s narrative director Navid Khavari has written a blog post called The Politics of Far Cry 6 that opens with the line “Our story is political”.