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During Ubisoft's financial earnings call today, CEO Yves Guillemot highlighted the importance of fitness games, suggesting that coming console price drops could drive the growing genre to even greater heights.


Responding to a question on growing trends in the games industry, Guillemot singled out both fitness games and lowered console prices before expertly tying the two points together.

"We will see a real growth of the high-end consoles because they will go down in price. We will also see more fitness products sold. It's a genre that is growing fast. And I think that the market will grow really if hardware machines are down in terms of price."


Guillemot's interest in the fitness genre isn't merely prurient, of course, with the CEO indicating that Ubisoft would have a new fitness product to show off in a few days. Nice to see a company saving some of their secrets for E3.

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