Ubidays the Final Round-Up

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For those of you who somehow missed all of our Ubisoft coverage, which stretched from early afternoon until late into the night, I've compiled all of our stories on the jump. They include hands on with Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, H.A.W.X. and Far Cry 2 as well as tons of interviews and impressions.


Far Cry 2 Brings GTA Sandbox to the Serengeti

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party Announced

Shaun White Delivers Death to Snowboarding with an Assassin's Creed Engine

Ubisoft Brings Easy way To Stop Smoking To DS Months Late

Ubisoft Officially Announces Beyond Good & Evil 2

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. Hands-On

Shaun White: Wii Play, Pics and Press Release

Prince of Persia Ditches Roots, Gets a Final Fantasy Make-Over

Far Cry 2: No Girls Allowed

Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway Hands-On

Making Far Cry 2's Africa


Far Cry 2 Dev and Port Teams Range from 175 to Three

The Worst Of Ubidays 08

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Looking forward to H.A.W.X., Prince of Persia and Beyong Good & Evil 2. As for everything else... hope to be pelasently surprised inthe future.