Sam Houston's list of game industry types who use Twitter got a lot of exposure last week. So much that he's launched a site, updated with even more devs, journalists, community managers and the like.

Yes, yours truly is on there, but so are many others we quote around these parts too. The list is broken up into four categories — game companies, game press, PR professionals, and communities/fansites.

There's a love/hate mood on Twitter — some do it obsessively, some are too cool for school about it — but there is always the possibility you catch some interesting scuttlebutt or revealing thoughts from those in the business or associated with it. This past week I spied a couple of things that ended up on this blog. And sometimes I talk about things that maybe aren't hefty enough for a blog post. Others have too. Ask Crecente about his Legos this weekend.


So for those interested, consider this, and not the previous post nor the page it linked to, as your bottom line clearing house. Sam's been pretty fanatical about updating this, and I'm sure he'll continue to do so as more begin using Twitter, or make their addresses known.

Game Industry Tweet: A Complete List of Video Game Professionals on Twitter