Following the Game Industry via Twitter

If you're on Twitter and have nothing useful to say or, worse, have no friends, here's a listing of dozens of accounts used by the game industry — some official, others personal accounts.

The list runs the gamut of industry presences, from large publishers and well-known studios to indie firms and community managers. The maintainer of this list, Sam "QforQ" is the community manager for gamerDNA, and over the summer he called out developers and publishers for not making greater use of social media. Well, now they are, and he's culled together this list, which he updates with new information once it's sent in.


You can follow David Jaffe, Warhammer's John Drescher, Shawn Elliot (formerly of EGM/1Up, now of 2K Boston), even Curt Schilling, if you haven't gotten enough of the guy talking about himself already. Official Twitter feeds include those for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Electronic Arts, Infinity Ward, SCEA and many others. Who knows what you might overhear. And if it's any good, be sure to tip us, you know?

And for the record, here's mine. Some personal stuff goes in there, but I try to keep it interesting and for public consumption.

Video Game Companies on Twitter [Sam "QforQ" Houston]

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