Totilo, Talk-Show Star, Visits Fox News

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This doesn't qualify as shameless self-promotion because, well, it's not about myself. Kotaku's own Stephen Totilo went on Fox News' "Strategy Room" on Friday to discuss Modern Warfare 2, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and other hot topics.


Totilo, who was earlier a guest on MSNBC, joined Seth Porges of Popular Mechanics and the NPD's Ross Rubin on a panel examining the latest in gadgets and games with Fox's Clayton Morris. At the 24:00 mark, hear Totilo tease remarks from Reggie Fils-Aime regarding these Wii HD rumors (they're still shot down), from an interview the two had on Friday. You can expect more from that interview in the coming week.

Gadgets and Games [Fox]


Juan José Méndez Gallardo

I was hoping they had Totilo as a guest for one of those GAMES ARE THE DEVILLLLL segments Fox News is known for. Unlike some of the other guys, Totilo would've told them what's what.

And then O'Reilly would have his mic cut off. #modernwarfare2